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Massage Therapy Reno

By manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, you may have alternative medicines for aches and pains, which is massage. Massage Therapy Reno has a list of trained and certified massage therapists who can render the service.

Different massage styles are suitable for the diverse needs of every individual. Unique styles and strokes may vary depending on the client. Therapists use lotions or oils, mostly unclothed their clients for massage, but others do not. A massage can be for relaxation or, on the other side for stress control.

Before you can decide and book a massage, you should know the different styles and strokes. Tell the therapist what you are looking for and ask them for suggestions of the best technique. Some therapists can customize your massage session and combine different styles depending on your condition, age, and special needs.

The following are the most popular massage therapy style offered by Massage Therapy Reno:

  1. Swedish Massage - Swedish massage uses soft, long, light, rhythmic, kneading, and tapping strokes on the topmost layer of muscles combined with joint movement. Swedish massage is the most common type of style that can be both energizing and relaxing. The four standard strokes of Swedish massage are:

    • Friction

    • Tapotement

    • Effleurage

    • Petrissage

  2. Sports Massage - Sports massage is typical for a particular sport and developed to help the muscle systems; it approaches to help before, during, or after training and sports event. It promotes flexibility, helps muscle strains, prevents injuries, and aiding in the healing process after a sports injury.

  3. Chair Massage - There is a unique chair designed for a chair massage. The process starts while you are seated comfortably and fully clothed. It prioritizes and involves a massage of your neck, arms, hands, shoulders, and back.

  4. Deep Tissue Massage - Paying particular attention to the stiff part in your body is prioritizing the deep tissue massage.

  5. Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Lymphatic Drainage massage usually has long strokes, light, and gentle pressure, along the skin to improve the movement of lymph through the system. It helps lymph fluids in the body to circulate correctly.

  6. Thai Massage - Thai massage includes compression of muscles, acupressure, and mobilization of joints. The expert therapist uses their body to act and move the client into different massage positions.

  7. Reflexology - Reflexology involves hands, fingers, and thumb techniques to stimulate specific areas of the feet.

  8. Hot Stone Massage - The therapist places warmed stone to different parts of the body, just like acupressure points and other massage techniques. It soothes and relaxes while transmitting heat into the body.

  9. Pregnancy Massage - Pregnancy massage helps to overcome the significant body changes during pregnancy. It helps reducing stress, relieving joint and muscle pains, and decreasing leg and arm swelling. During pregnancy, medications are limited, and massage will be more helpful then.

  10. Shiatsu Massage - Shiatsu massage aims to enhance and improve energy flows in the specific parts of the body, just like in acupuncture.

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